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Richard Carlton Consulting (RCC) is a professional solutions development company, with 26 years of experience developing custom FileMaker® databases. RCC staff are FileMaker Certified, and RCC holds the coveted Platinum Developer rating -- FileMaker, Inc.'s highest rating.

RCC specializes in producing custom databases that save the customer time and money. The database solutions we deliver are developed as the result of strong customer interaction and years of experience developing workflow management systems, and more. Our preferred tool is FileMaker Pro; however, we are frequently called upon to connect FileMaker to other database systems, such as Oracle, MS SQL, or MySQL.

With our skill and experience, we have been able to work closely with FileMaker, Inc. (FMI) to provide testing, feedback, and other assistance for unreleased for their pre-release products. For the release of FileMaker 10 and 11, RCC contracted with FMI to deliver redesigned and improved Starter Solutions. These were designed to provide beginning users with workable solutions, and to provide experienced users with ready-to-use building blocks for their own solutions.

Karen J. Mann

CEO - Mann & Associates

"RCC proved to be eager to learn the words used in the appraisal industry, as we were able to learn FileMaker methodology."

Customer Service is an absolutely critical component of RCC's success. Each of our staff works with a customer to learn their business and to implement solutions that will provide measurable improvements. Solid communications – both written and verbal – are the cornerstone of good customer service.

Customer Expectations must be thoroughly evaluated and discussed to ensure that the solution provided matches the customer's needs and desires.

Worldwide Support is an important component of customer service. RCC deploys engineers on both short and long term projects, both in the United States, but also in Europe, and Central America.

RCC is a FULL SERVICE database service company. We have extensive experience and resources that may be called upon to solve customers' problems. When compared with other FileMaker developers, RCC's tremendous experience and resources mean that RCC's customers experience little risk when encountering technical challenges. Our goal is not to learn new technology at the customer's expense.

Database Add-Ons that your business might need:

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