FileMaker® Database Development

Richard Carlton Consulting (RCC) provides customized database development services for business, government, and non-profit organizations. Our core competency is building solutions in the FileMaker platform, where we hold FileMaker's highest certifications. With a team of 28 staff, we are capable of deploying both small and large solutions for a wide variety of customers. We service all modern versions of FileMaker® Pro, FileMaker® Server, and FileMaker Go™ (for the iPad and iPhone). We also deploy FileMaker databases to the web.

FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud (Hosting)

RCC provides technical support for installation and configuration of FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud. This process can be frustrating and confusing for inexperienced developers. Installation of FileMaker Cloud is VERY different from an installation of FileMaker Server. RCC can provide support for configuring FileMaker to use PHP, ODBC Data Sources, Document Management Servers, etc. Support includes both Windows and Mac servers.

UI Design Review

RCC provides an in-depth user-interface review, for your existing FileMaker solution. Nick Hunter, Senior Design Engineer with RCC, will review your solution and provide a written report with potential new UI Designs for your solution. Deficiencies will be identified, and corrective fixes will be suggested. This 5-hour process will result in a much greater understanding about your solution and the possibilities for architecting a new User Experience.
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FileMaker on iPad and iPhone

RCC has extensive experience with FileMaker Go™, the database client for the iPhone and iPad devices. Deploying successful solutions to the iPad and iPhone takes insight and experience to craft a mobile application with an effective user interface. We have been involved with this product since very early on, and have spoken at FileMaker's Developers Conference on this very topic.

iOS and Android Programming for iPhone & iPad

RCC offers programming of real iOS and Android applications without the need for FileMaker. This service would be more appropriate for customers with an established budget who wish to deploy a appplication to Apple's App Store or Google's Market Place, for distribution to millions of customers. Contact RCC to discuss these services.

Video Production

Richard Carlton Consulting (RCC) offers professional video production services. Largely utilized by organizations as a training tool, RCC combines high quality audio, dynamic demos, and vibrant animations - RCC produces outstanding Training videos. Richard Carlton and RCC have produced various instructional and tutorial videos for the FileMaker community regarding the FileMaker product lines. RCC has also produced many instructional and overview videos for publication by FileMaker/Apple. In recent years, VTC has teamed up with RCC to produce several lines of "shrink wrap" training video... focusing on the FileMaker platform.

PHP/Web Development

RCC has extensive experience in deploying web solutions with database connectivity. Our experience ranges from simple projects to complex e-commerce based systems.

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